"Oh Fanny… you think me so serious, and here I am, overcome by feelings of joy. And I must ask you… Could you… that is… may I.. Could you consider… Oh, how hard it is to find words to express one’s deepest feelings. Oh you’re laughing. Look, I know I’m not brilliant with the words… Forgive me. Forgive me, I… I think I might take a walk to that line of trees. Beeches I think. Fagus Sylvatica. The dead leaves stay on the tree all over the winter, did you know that ? Fascinating subject, botany."

3rd/4th/5th GIF….how the hell does anyone keep eye contact with him?! I’d never be able to. =P

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Restaurant school at walnut hill college


Restaurant school at walnut hill college

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The Film that I thought of when The First of the First…I don’t know if it counts,but I hope it does, is Raymond Brigg’s, The Snowman. It was a version of The Snowman where actually David Bowie was playing the boy grown up and there’s sort of a short film of him at the beginning and he’s in the attic and it’s snowing… [x][x

Wishing you Happy Holidays.♥

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Show: The Hollow Crown
Location: Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, UK

See more of our Sceneframing photos here.

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